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IN THE 30's MORRIS A. SEALLE, A FORMER CITY EDITOR of the old Washington Times and Herald, was running a county seat newspaper, in which the local power company brought a large advertisement every week. This account took quite a lot of worry of Bealle's shoulders when the bills came due. But according to Bealle's own story one day the paper took up the cudgels for some of it's readers that were being given poor service from the power company, and Morris Bealle received the dressing down of his life from the advertising agency which handled the power company's account. They told him that any more such "stepping out of line" would result in the immediate cancellation for the advertising contract not only with the power company, but also with the gas company and the telephone company.


Source : by Hans Ruesch, Ph.D. THE DOT CONNECTOR - No. 3, May-June 2009)


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Inspirational stories and articles from the public, celebrities and other important sources.

Revised Hippocratic Oath – your tool for better patient care?

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Codex Alimentarius – Bad Science, Bad Law

  14 December 2010, by: Scott Tips, (National Health Federation) Codex Alimentarius is Latin for “Food Code” and is the name taken by an international body created by the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization in the early 1960s.  With two stated missions (‘to eliminate international barriers to trade’ and ‘to protect the … Continue reading


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