The Important Origins of This Petition


This inspired title means … " Declaring your Divine Right to DO NO HARM in your name "


I do not Consent
Meaning (I do not give permission for anything harmful to be done in my name) .



THE NATION SPEAKS - "NO! Not In My Name" petition was set up in May 2010 by pioneering British entrepreneur, health campaigner & freedom fighter - Dounne Alexander MBE.… to challenge the 'European Food Supplements Directive' which legalised the removal of thousands of beneficial natural herbs, traditional herbal remedies, nutritional supplements & health products, from stores throughout the UK and Europe. In addition, the potency of those that remain has been drastically reduced, making them less effective. The Directive also threatens similar 'natural health products'; cultural foods & indigenous remedies from non-European countries (such as Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and elsewhere) from entering UK and European markets. Thus, threatening the survival of 'small-medium' sized health businesses, practitioners and even more worrying; the health, rights & freedom-of-choice of UK and European citizens.

However, since the Directive was fully implemented in April 2011, Dounne has updated the petition to reiterate a far more 'evil' global plan, directly connected with the European Union and world Governments; to impose the same threats on the entire global population. Unfortunately, the UK & EU Parliaments previously tried to suppress this information as being misleading and scaremongering but the truth is now evident.

Therefore, with the support of other peaceful advocates around the world, Dounne is now on a quest to alert, awaken and empower UK, European and Global citizens; to take back control and safeguard our future. For this reason, she has not only updated THE NATION SPEAKS petition but also incorporated a global petition called (GLOBAL VOICES UNITE), to bring the world together in collective opposition against the laws.


You are the boss! Your Government must do as you ask.

In a democratic society, Governments must OBEY the wishes of their people. As these Laws were passed without our knowledge or consent, it means they are both Fraudulent and Unlawful. It is therefore extremely important for people to understand that COLLECTIVELY 'we - the people' - have the power to make our Government abort 'ANY' detrimental decision/s they have made; especially those that do not support, respect or protect 'our' health, wellbeing, livelihood, rights and the environment in which we live. Therefore, if you do not consent (i.e. do not agree) with what your Government has done or are about to do to you, your loved-ones or fellow country men and women … then collectively, your signatures can amend or abolish the laws… or even remove the Government from power. All it will take is for people to collectively join hands 'on mass' (as a collective force), to show their objection by signing their respective petition.


Hence, the petition is only a catalyst for CHANGE,

But it is 'WE - the People' who has the 'collective' power and responsibility



As famously quoted by Albert Einstein

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing. "


So please DO TODAY, what your children will be unable to DO TOMORROW and leave a lasting legacy that they will be proud of. Your participation will CHANGE the course of history.





The EU FOOD SUPPLEMENTS DIRECTIVE '2002/46/EC'; is a collection of European Directives & Regulations being used to 'legally' control the distribution of all MEDICINES throughout Europe and eventually worldwide. These include -


(1). The Nutrition & Health Claims Regulations.

(2). The Novel Foods Regulations.

(3). The Human Medicinal Products Directive.

(4). The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, plus others.

(5). CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (the 'Food Code'); is a collection of over 300 standards & guidelines which will be .used to 'legally' control the distribution of all FOODS worldwide.

(6). The 1939 CANCER ACT - 'legally' passed for the sole use of experimental cancer drugs, prohibiting 'natural cancer treatments'.





This new type of 'slavery' is no longer about RACE but global population control, power & wealth, in the hands of an elite few, whose goal is to dominate the world's population, commercial markets and resources (i.e. food, medication, energy). Plus create a worldwide 'single currency' … currently being orchestrated through the European and Global financial crisis.

We are therefore, being purposely deceived into a false-sense-of-security; led into believing that this is all being done for our own good; the good of the world and future survival. Cleverly engineered by those 'we' have elected to protect us… under the guise of 'health & safety; consumer protection; the prevention of a global food shortage and financial collapse' .

This has been in the planning for over 40 years, yet to this day the majority of citizens around the world has been deliberately kept in the dark; and remains unaware of the detrimental impact it will have on our health and future survival. We are now faced with…


* LAWS - which threatens the survival of the entire 'natural world' (including animals and the environment).

* LAWS - legally wiping out 'natural' foods, indigenous herbs, traditional herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and ancient practices. Many proven 'safe, non toxic & effective'; used successfully for centuries and still commonly used today to combat serious illnesses or to maintain overall health… may no longer be available to us.

* LAWS - which could see centuries of ancient wisdom written out of history and lost to future generations.

* LAWS - in favour of the Pharmaceutical Industry (promoted, driven and backed by science). Thereby, misleading consumers into believing without question.

* LAWS - legally controlling and stifling commercial competition.

* LAWS - threatening the survival of the natural health industry, small-medium sized businesses & practitioners with the loss of thousands of jobs. Many in the UK and Europe are already being forced to work underground.

* LAWS - legalizing Synthetic Medications and Artificial Foods for global consumption. This means everything we consume will be scientifically engineered & pharmaceutically produced. For example, Genetically Modified (GM) foods, irradiated produce, hormone infused plants and livestock, meat & milk produced from cloned animals; synthetic meat grown from 'stem cells' in laboratories; GM cows producing 'human breast milk; artificial foods & ingredients, fast foods, ready-made meals; prescription medication (including mass vaccination programmes and antibiotics), over-the-counter drugs; a huge range of other pharmaceutical products and much, much more). With the emphasis being placed on encouraging 'cheap' (synthetic / adulterated) foods, as the value and benefits of 'real foods & natural herbal remedies' will no longer be known, appreciated or deemed necessary. For this reason, today's generation is 'legally' being educated to medicate.

* LAWS - 'legally' protecting those responsible from prosecution for crimes against humanity.


Under these Laws:
YOUR 'Inalienable' Sovereign Rights are being violated
& FREE-WILL Choice... will be no more.


In a nutshell, these LAWS will 'legally' take away our freedom-to-choose and right-to-decide what we wish to eat, drink & medicate OR how we wish to live, manage and responsibly control our own health and nutritional needs… wherever we live throughout the world. Lack of transparency, accountability, vested interests, corruption and collusion between the Governments, Medical Establishments, Pharmaceutical Industries, International Corporations, Organizations and Media Networks… also raises serious cause for concern.

Dounne has taken her case and these concerns to the UK Government and European Parliament (2009); UK Law Commission and Queen Elizabeth II (2010); then finally to the United Nations (September 2011).




Due to the devastating impact the LAWS will have on your life… to protect yourself and loved-ones, we are urging everyone to please SIGN their respective petition (THE NATION SPEAKS or GLOBAL VOCIES UNITE) today; then READ / download the full petition without delay and forward to Family, Friends & Social Networks.

We are also calling on global freedom fighters, humanitarians, human rights groups, health campaigners, environmentalists, bloggers, animal welfare groups, athletes, artists (i.e. actors, musicians, dancers, artists, fashion & designers), food writers & chefs, health practitioners, retailers, parent groups, health awareness groups and more… to join us and spread-the-word to their Social Networks and fans. This will help us reach millions within minutes.



Read The Petition in Full

In 2009, Dounne experienced the devastating impact of the
EU Food Supplements Directive and the 1939 Cancer Act, which resulted in two of her authentic herbal products (one of which healed herself and family pet from terminal cancer) was banned by UK Regulator - The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). These products proven safe, non toxic & effective on cancer and a wide range of conditions; were also approved by the Public Health Minister for use in Hospitals and Hospices. However, after providing extensive evidence to substantiate her health claims, she refused to comply with their demands to 'alter the integrity' of her products. Instinctively, Dounne felt something was seriously wrong and decided to challenge their decision. This led to a direct confrontation, alongside in-depth research which unveiled not only gross incompetence, corruption, deception, vested interests and Government collusion but also the realization that these LAWS were purposely created to facilitate the Government / Corporate Global Slavery agenda. Never-the-less, Dounne views this experience as a 'unique' blessing; having witnessed (first hand) what is really going on behind the scenes… and how people's lives are callously being put at risk, under the guise of health, safety & protection. This enables her to expose the TRUTH from a real life perspective.


The TRUTH, the whole TRUTH


nothing but the TRUTH.


The secrecy started in Europe and the United Kingdom:
In 2002, to avoid opposition, the European Union and UK Government (including cross-party leaders/members) secretly approved the EU Food Supplements Directive behind closed doors and collaborated with the National Media to keep the entire UK population (over 60 million people) in the dark. For this reason, the majority of UK citizens still have absolutely no idea that the Directive exists or the detrimental impact it will have on their health and wellbeing. As a result, on the 30 April 2011 (the day that the Directive was fully implemented), people were not aware that UK Regulators were removing all un-licensed health products from stores throughout the country. Health products, they have been using for decades (many proven safe & effective, with virtually no side-effects); were removed without their knowledge or consent and will not be available to them in future.


And it gets worse read on.