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Why will YOU sign?

LAWS are being secretly passed (without our knowledge or consent).


This violates OUR 'Inalienable' Sovereign Rights; and 'threatens' OUR Democratic / Religious & Spiritual Freedoms; Health Choice; Natural Foods, (including indigenous Herbs, Remedies & Nutritional Supplements); Traditional Practices; Cultural Heritage; Animal Welfare and the Natural Environment. These laws are being used to 'legally' impose GOVERNMENT / CORPORATE GLOBAL SLAVERY… which is the most treacherous plan against humanity, nature and our future. Already implemented in Europe; it is now set to be enforced in America and eventually across the globe, in a race to HARMONIZE the world. If left unchallenged, this will be the greatest atrocity imaginable in the history of our civilization. The results of which will be catastrophic and irreversible.

9 years on, since the launch of this petition, to-date (2019), the status quo remains unchanged, and although the UK Government is expected to leave the European Union this year, the Medical Establishment will continue to uphold, maintain & enforce 'restrictive UK Laws & EU Regulations' which prohibits 'Natural Treatments & Health Choice'. This effectively violates the 'Inalienable' Sovereign Rights of every UK citizen to take personal responsibility and control of their individual healthcare needs.

  • So this year, Joining Hands In Health are calling for the 'Integration of Natural Treatments within the National Health Service (NHS)'; and aim to achieve at least 1 million signatures for presentation to the Government as 'THE PEOPLE'S MANDATE'.

In order to establish 'a Fair & Balanced' Healthcare Service... Natural Treatments (i.e. Natural Foods / Nutritional Supplements, Traditional Remedies & Holistic / Spiritual Practices), should be offered alongside 'Pharmaceutical Medication', from which to meet the healthcare needs of our diverse / multicultural population. Unfortunately, Natural Treatments have been deliberately censored and suppressed for over 100 years, due to Government vested interests and the powerful 'financial influence & control' of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Fortunately, the NHS belongs to the people, therefore it is in our hands to 'Change the System' to better serve our healthcare needs. However, in order to achieve this unprecedented mammoth task, we are calling on the 'collective support' of everyone to join hands with us to help raise awareness; read the petition in full to keep yourself and loved-ones informed, proactive & protected; but most importantly… take action by 'SIGNING' this petition today.

Sadly, the example shown with BREXIT, clearly demonstrates the Government and Parliamentary Members lack of leadership, Party unity, trust, loyalty or commitment to respect the people's 'Democratic WILL.' Therefore, 'in a nutshell'… as quoted by Mahatma Gandhi:

"The future depends on what you do today."


So If you do not consent to your 'Inalienable' Sovereign Rights, Health Choice, Cultural Heritage & Natural Environment being taken away...


.So far we have collected 115,555 signatures, but this year aim to achieve at least 1 million signatures from UK citizens (including Northern Ireland), residents and ex-pats. We are therefore inviting everyone to come together (as a collective force), to READ / SIGN & SHARE THIS PETITION, to safeguard ourselves and future generations.









Important Videos: Please Watch & Share


How it all began. Introduction by campaign founder Dounne Alexander MBE: Watch & Share

OPEN LETTER TO THE QUEEN : Listen to Founder's bold appeal to the Queen and Prime Minister (Mrs Theresa May), to support the Integration of Natural Treatments in the NHS. Watch & Share


Everything we receive will go towards our mission to achieve a 'FAIR & BALANCED HEALTHCARE SYSTEM' in the NHS; and to continue this vital work. Please clck here to donate today



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02 Dec '23

Total Signatures Collected


Thanks for your support

Thanks to supporters like you, we will rapidly achieve our goal. So please continue to encourage others to sign this petition and spread the word.


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